Connecting exceptional people to great companies

Just like our customers, our key to success is to attract and place talented individuals.

“ACIC has always delivered. They know their market and more importantly they know just what we need.”


We are a global IT consulting and staffing firm who believes success comes from the people – your team and our team.

There are 3 key attitudes which support success

1 – Attitude of listening and hearing. Recognizing there are multiple paths to success allows us to explore alternative solutions and expand collaboration.  An open mind motivates innovative solutions.

2 – Attitude of success. Recognizing there are multiple paths to success, ensures we are not tied to only one path. Our teams collaborate with each other to find new and innovative solutions to current challenges.

3 – Attitude of experience. Members of our teams have been giving excellent service to clients over 20 years.  Our seasoned team members provide mentoring and training so all team members can take advantage of their lessons learned.